From: The Desk Of Steven Cross
Re: “Viral Ads Mogul”

Dear Friend,

If you’re wondering why it seems everyone else is piling up enough cash to fill a dump truck while you’re scrambling to add a few measly bills to your wallet…

I was too.

Until I realized ONE drop-dead, crazy simple, life-changing thing. And I turned my struggles into paydays like these:

All from ONE idea and the software that implements it automatically But this was no accident, lucky break, or mysterious package from an unknown stranger (probably because my story is REAL)

trying desperately to find some way to make money online…

I was getting by, but I wanted MORE. More money. More time off. More FREEDOM. And I knew it wasn’t happening in my day job. I didn’t want to be at the mercy of some half-wit boss or corporate giant that only sees me as profit or loss.

And I was sick of working my ass off for the ‘privelege’ of keeping my job and a measly 2 weeks of vacation.

But every new ‘miracle’ product and marketing tactic I tried got me NOWHERE but $5,437 in DEBT. I SAW people MAKING MONEY–it seemed so close I could touch it…but nothing was working for ME.

One night, already exhausted from another frustrating, crappy-thankless-job-by-day and no-results-internet-business-at-night routine, I checked stats on a new “can’t miss” idea I wasted money on…and NOTHING (as usual). I got so fed up I thought “screw it!” and went to bed.

Sleeping was another matter. I was so mad, so frustrated, so confused…I just kept tossing and turning and couldn’t get it out of my mind.

After a while it got better. The feelings started to get weaker. My mind started to slow down and relax. I started to drift off to sleep…

but everyone is selling shit that makes you a “user” and trying to convince you you’ll make money with it!

Who do you think makes more MONEY:

You already know the answer–Gates, Zuckerberg, and Page–because they OWN the ads and technology. They sit back and watch the cash rush in like water from a fire hose while the working stiffs bust their butts to “use” the ads and technology to eek out spare change.

Yet everywhere you turn there is some “loophole” or “glitch” that supposedly shows you the “secrets” to actually make money with Facebook or Google.

Loophole? Glitch? Secrets? Are you KIDDING? You are SUPPOSED to make money with these–they are ADVERTISING sources!
(So what they are saying is the average person SPENDS money to buy the worthless ads but doesn’t make a damn nickel doing it!)

But hey, this is no secret–the “little guy” has always been forced to claw and scratch for crumbs while the fat cats compare the size of their yachts like that thing dangling between their legs.

Being an OWNER is the only way to wealth

I’m no genius but I can see Gates, Zuckerberg, and Page are all mega-wealthy and the 2 things they ALL own are technology and advertising. Internet advertising is RED HOT and sells faster than motion-sickness pills to a guy with vertigo on the tilt-a-whirl…

In fact, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, people spent over $6.4 BILLION on Internet advertising in just 3 months! That’s an incredible $25 BILLION per year! If you owned just .01{fcee369e2a00b8ccefc959eca4f31f2708ae498bba59fe00f7f0e072d8f06874} (one 100th of ONE percent) of that you’d pocket $2.5 MILLION per year!

So I stopped asking the WRONG question…

and started asking the RIGHT one…

I knew if I could somehow OWN an advertising source I could cash in…BIG TIME.

So I got busy figuring out how to make it happen.

But I didn’t meet a stranger in a dark alley…
or a homeless beach bum turned millionaire…
or a “rich teenage punk” at a sporting event…
or even some Vodka-soaked foreign tech genius locked in a lab somewhere…


No mysterious Fedex boxes,
hidden lairs of computer equipment,
overnight 7-figure bank deposits,
or any of that crap either.

I knew I needed to OWN technology that tapped into the $25.6 BILLION Internet advertising market, so I did the only thing I knew… Like a mad scientist I threw every Internet advertising option I could get my hands on up on my lab table, and tore it apart to see how it all worked.

I looked at Internet advertising and traffic sources from everywhere–traffic exchanges to pay per click…and Google Adwords to ezine mailings…and co-reg to Facebook. You name it, I threw it in there.

Then I trashed all the useless parts, and mashed together the MOST POWERFUL parts of ALL of the traffic and advertising tools to create MY OWN unique, super cool, and deadly effective advertising tool.

An advertising tool I OWNED and everyone else would want. THAT’s what Microsoft, Facebook, and Google have and where the $25.6 BILLION is.

There was NO WAY I could actually MAKE the advertising monster I dreamed up.

So I only had 1 choice…

I did a complete mind dump and nervously jotted down every last detail in my head to make sure I captured it all. I was excited like a kid on Christmas morning just thinking about it…

But I was also terrified–I didn’t know if ANYONE could even make software to do what I wanted…and WORSE, I was worried if they did they would STEAL it for themselves.

So I put the last details in place, and with my hands shaking and beads of sweat running down my forehead I clicked “Post My Job” on a freelance job board.

I waited…

and waited. ZERO bids.

Just after 3:00am I was nodding off in my chair with thoughts of what to do next buzzing in my head when I heard…

My head shot up–(I know that sound…it means a new bid on my job!) I clicked refresh on my computer and saw my first nibble–a freelance PHP expert in Romania.

After 2 days of back and forth exchanging of ideas, I gave him a green light to start. That same excited and nervous feeling swept over me like I was at the top of a roller coaster about to plunge down.

All I could do was to wait…and hope…

After 2 weeks and a few grand I finally got the 1st version of the software…

The software had glitches, the interface was ugly and littered with spelling mistakes, and some functions were missing.

BUT–parts of it were pure GENIUS. The viral aspect of this awesome tool meant it would spread like wildfire IF I could get it going…

I realized to get this done right I needed a pro. Someone who had designed software for top companies and knew how to write great code for distribution. I wracked my brain to think of how I could get this done and WHO had the chops to do it. And it hit me like a hard slap across the face

I knew a guy when I was in grad school who worked for an investment bank–a MAJOR investment bank. And he was a Vice President in the IT development area.

His job was writing the software the entire European division used to allocate telecom charges (or some crazy thing like that–all I knew was this dude was the REAL DEAL. You don’t write software for Investment banking divisions, get to VP level, and earn bonuses more than most people’s total salary unless you have MAD skills).

Enter Mr. X (he asked me to keep his name confidential)

So I got him on the phone and tried to explain what I was doing, but he cut me off…

“What do you want that for? I don’t see how you’re going to make any money with some advertising software…”

My biggest worry had been that he would see the light and want it for himself, but he was so locked into corporate thinking that it didn’t make sense to him…

“Look, I’ll pay you. I just need you to take this code I got, fix it up, add a few features, and make it easy to use.”

He kinda’ chuckled but agreed to look at it. So I sent him the software to him and waited…and waited…and waited. I thought he forgot about me.

About 2 months passed and I figured by now he realized he couldn’t do it but was too busy or embarrassed to tell me. So I gave him a ring…

“Hey, uh, just checking in…”
“Glad you called–actually I have been meaning to reach out to you. It’s done.”
“Uh, oh, cool! So…”
“Just wire me the cash and I’ll get you a link to download it.”
“Uh, sure. I’ll run to the bank right now. Check your account in 45 minutes”

I hung up and darted out the door. It was the longest 12-minute drive to my bank I’ve ever taken. I handed a paper to the business banking rep with the details for the transfer. She asked for 2 forms of ID and for me to sign the confirmation.

I raced back to my computer and waited. I was breaking into a sweat clicking refresh like an addict waiting for my pager to beep.

Then I saw it. The email I was waiting for…

I opened it, clicked the link, and downloaded the software.

Then I set it up, and started to test it…

My jaw must have hit the floor, but I was so numb I didn’t notice. He did it. He [email protected]#$ing did it!

I finally had in my hands the superpower Internet advertising software I dreamed of. The software setup a complete viral advertising website…and it ROCKS!

I just kept thinking…

I finally OWNED Internet advertising that I could make crazy profits from.

But the REAL test was about to come…HOW MUCH COULD I BANK WITH IT?

So I launched my 1st site…and BOOM!

But Was It a Fluke?

I wanted to be sure I wasn’t just lucky…that it wasn’t some one-time lightning strike. So I setup a 2nd site and launched it…

And then a 3rd one too…

Uh, Can You Say HOLY GRAIL of Internet Profits?!

And because they grow VIRALLY, the results just keep getting bigger and BIGGER. But that doesn’t mean you need to wait for results. LOOK at what happened in just the 1st few DAYS of one launch:

I was lighting it up with my viral advertising sites. But I still wanted to be 100{fcee369e2a00b8ccefc959eca4f31f2708ae498bba59fe00f7f0e072d8f06874} sure it wasn’t just me or that I somehow got lucky. So I rolled out version 1.0 of the software to a small number of other marketers. These guys got VERSION 1.0 of this software on their sites, and here’s what THEY had to say…










I’ve had 2 complete technology upgrades made to it SINCE THEN…so now it’s VERSION 3.0, and even more powerful!

You might think when you’re sitting on a friggin’ goldmine with technology this crazy-effective that I would want to keep it to myself and not breathe a word about it to other people.

But in fact the OPPOSITE is true. I’m sick and tired of watching good people getting screwed and kept in the dark by the wealthy elite. Having been there–working hard, trying everything, just hoping to find a way to make it–I know what it’s like.

I got my lucky break. Now I want to pass that on to YOU so you can finally break through all the crap too. Of course, I know that if you and a chosen few others use the technology that won’t hurt my ability to make more profits. As much as I WANT to help, if it would hurt me I wouldn’t do it (sorry, just being honest.)

I can’t give you the software for 2 reasons…

First, I can’t take the chance that it falls into the wrong hands and someone passes it around so much that it dilutes the results for everyone. (If a small number of us use it, the market is so HUGE it won’t matter, but if 10,000s start cranking out sites we’ll ALL lose money).

And second, the SOFTWARE is Kick-Ass, but you need strong tech skills to install it. To make a viral advertising site with it, you need to make databases, FTP files, configure cron jobs, and a bunch of other ‘techno-speak’ stuff I don’t quite understand and I know most other people don’t either…

So here’s what I’m gonna’ do.

Yup. You pick a handful of options that make your site 100{fcee369e2a00b8ccefc959eca4f31f2708ae498bba59fe00f7f0e072d8f06874} UNIQUE, and WE go to work to set it up FOR YOU. Then you get the benefits of this awesome, PROVEN technology and I have the peace of mind of knowing I helped you, and also protected our profit potential at the same time. Ultimate WIN-WIN.

So let’s pop the hood and check out what’s in this bad boy (pay attention here–you’re going to really SEE what’s in it, unlike those “mysterious 5-click profits from thin air” scams)

You can have this instant mega hit to burst onto the Internet marketing scene or add an extra passive income stream to your current business. Either way, you’ll have your very own, PRIME Internet real estate–a list building, money-making, viral advertising membership site that YOU own.

It’s super professional look, feel, and function will give you instant credibility and make you a player in the Internet marketing industry.

You’re getting a fully-customized, fully-installed and configured, viral advertising membership site that’s ready to go…ready to build your list…ready to make you one time offer sales…and ready to start your passive monthly income flow.

You don’t need to know ANYTHING about:

Traffic generation
Website design
Product creation

Everything you need to start making sales is all in this complete package.

This is the perfect opportunity for you if you…

Are a busy marketer who wants an extra profit stream fast
Want to start your first real Internet marketing business
Don’t want to spend a fortune creating a product, copywriting, setting up a website
Want a truly set & forget business for passive income
Want to make sales on auto-pilot, even while you sleep
Want to have a quality product with your name on it
Dream of having a team of affiliates selling your product for you

Take a look at all the awesome stuff we’ve packed in here and what an amazing value you’re getting….

Click PLAY to Watch





Viral Ads Mogul Component Value
Complete Viral Advertising Membership Site with Over 15 Pages Including Breakthrough Viral Ad Engine and Fully Featured Members Area $5,000
Professional, Custom Graphics Hand Edited to Match Your Site Choose One of 25 Awesome Themes and We Will Customize It to Your New Site By Hand $500
Professional Homepage and Multiple Upsell Pages Tested and Proven to Convert as High as 34{fcee369e2a00b8ccefc959eca4f31f2708ae498bba59fe00f7f0e072d8f06874} Signups and 9.5{fcee369e2a00b8ccefc959eca4f31f2708ae498bba59fe00f7f0e072d8f06874} Sales You Get 8 Full, Professional Quality Copywritten Website Pages That Have Been Tested and PROVEN to Get Great Results $15,000
Pro Quality Video on Homepage to Explode Conversions Choose One of Three Pro Videos And We Will Integrate It Right On Your Homepage to Explode Signups and Sales $500
Versatile, Menu-Driven Admin Panel Running Your Site, Checking Key Stats, Editing Pages, Changing Prices, Running Contests, and Creating Special Offers Is a Snap with This Easy-to-Use Admin Interface! $500
Complete Backend Follow-Up Selling System That Makes New Sales for You Weeks or Even Months After Members Join, Automatically Multiple Followup Offers Are Sent to Members Automatically On a Specific Timed Schedule to Keep Making YOU Money From Your Existing Members Month After Month! $5,000
Viral Ads Mogul Owner’s Manual Complete Set of Tutorial Videos Shows You Exactly How to Run Your New Viral Advertising Business In Simple, Easy-to-Follow Videos. And If You’re Advanced and Want to Customize Stuff Even More We Cover That Too! $1,000
Fully Installed and Configured For You We Install the Site On Your Domain, Configure the Software, Customize the Graphics, Add the Video, and Set Up Your Salespages So You Are Ready to Make Money! $1,000
Total Value………………………………………. $28,500

We’ve spared no expense in making this plug-in business the easiest, fastest, and most profitable internet marketing business you will find online. If you were to have all the different components made for you from scratch, it would cost you $28,500. And that’s not including planning or development time. Not everyone has $28k just lying around to start an online business, but in real world dollars that’s what it would cost you to start from the ground up.

Viral Ads Mogul can be the lightning rod you’re looking for to either get you started or get you over the hump and finally start putting some money in your pocket instead of just spending it.

But you need to be an ACTION TAKER to qualify. Only a limited number of fast movers will get custom viral advertising sites made for them…

As I already mentioned, I can help YOU and a small number of others. We can ALL reap fat subscriber lists and gawdy profits. But I can’t do it for too many people because if too many people use it at some point it will hurt our results.

More importantly, WE have to set your site up, customize it, and get it ready by hand. And that takes a LOT of time for each site. I don’t have a big team, and I have a lot of projects we’re working on. So we can only do so many–once my team gets booked up, I have to CLOSE this offer without warning and stop setting up sites.

This offer could disappear at any time and without notice because as soon as the limit of viral advertising businesses are sold, I have no other choice but to take down this page. The buzz is huge and places are filling up fast so if you hesitate you could easily miss out and be left wondering “what if…”

It’s important that you act now and lock in your position so you can start up your new money machine today and start making serious coin in very little time… And it won’t cost you anywhere near $28,500!

We’ll even back Viral Ads Mogul with our FULL 30 day BALLS OUT guarantee! If it isn’t everything you hoped for and more–if you don’t think it’s worth 10 TIMES what you invested, we will take down your site and refund your money. No hard feelings. We’ll still part as friends. We’re taking ALL the risk to make this so simple and so easy for you because we want YOU to finally start making some money online.

Look, if you’re like me, no doubt you’ve been burned before. I understand.

But I KNOW this works. I’ve proven it over and over. Other people have proven it over and over. So I want to make this easy for you, and I want to reward you for taking ACTION. The simple fact that you’re ready to take action puts you ahead of 99{fcee369e2a00b8ccefc959eca4f31f2708ae498bba59fe00f7f0e072d8f06874} of “the pack” and means you have what it takes to be successful.

You really have 3 choices right now…

You can do nothing– you can keep your day job and make your boss and company rich while you struggle.
You can keep doing what you’ve been doing– you can keep trying to make it as a “user” of the same old burnt-out, rehashed crap everyone else is doing. But you KNOW deep down that the big winners out there–the ones with fat bank accounts, luxury cars, vacation homes, and laid back lifestyles are the OWNERS…
You can take action and become an OWNER and be the boss of your own Viral Advertising Empire– you’ll have OTHER people working to make YOU RICH. And you’ll be proud to be on the inside as an OWNER with a REAL Internet business.

The only way your life is going to change is by taking ACTION. You have the chance to become the next Viral Ads Mogul. Order now to lock in your spot, finally become a wealthy OWNER, and give the 1 finger salute to Google, Facebook, and all those BS shovelers! Click here to get started now:

Viral Ads Mogul Component Value
Complete Viral Advertising Membership Site with Over 15 Pages and Full Members Area $5,000
Professional, Custom Graphics Hand Edited to Match My Site $500
Professional Homepage and Multiple Upsell Pages Tested and Proven to Convert as High as 34{fcee369e2a00b8ccefc959eca4f31f2708ae498bba59fe00f7f0e072d8f06874} Signups and 9.5{fcee369e2a00b8ccefc959eca4f31f2708ae498bba59fe00f7f0e072d8f06874} Sales $15,000
Pro Quality Video on My Homepage to Explode Conversions $500
Versatile, Menu-Driven Admin Panel $500
Complete Backend Follow-Up Selling System That Makes New Sales for Me Weeks or Even Months After Members Join, Automatically $5,000
Viral Ads Mogul Video Owner’s Manual $1,000
Fully Installed and Configured For Me $1,000
Total Value………………………………………. $28,500

“I understand that my purchase is 100{fcee369e2a00b8ccefc959eca4f31f2708ae498bba59fe00f7f0e072d8f06874} Risk-Free for 30 days, but I must act now because limited viral advertising business packages will ever be sold…and I don’t want to miss out!”

Secure Your Position Now, and Get Everything for
Just $997 $797 $497!
Viral Ads Mogul




Your Partner in Success,

Steven Cross,

P.S. – Making money online from scratch or adding another income stream to your existing business has never been easier because 99{fcee369e2a00b8ccefc959eca4f31f2708ae498bba59fe00f7f0e072d8f06874} of the hard work has been done for you!

Order now and plug in your ready-made viral advertising business while you can. Spots are running out!



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